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Hello Business Travellers. Imagine you have received an important meeting notification across the other side of the world next week and you personally have to make the hotel, flights and other travel arrangements through online booking platforms. At the same time, you still have to prepare the related sales pitch presentation and be at the 9 am updates meeting every day. What if I told you, you can get a business travel expert and personal travel assistant who is experienced in your industry without adding to your headcount?

I come from a corporate background with 13 years of extensive business travel experience. In oil and gas to be exact. I understand the importance of efficiency and reliability in executing your business travel arrangements. The results, more time efficiency in executing your business targets. In 2020, I joined Travel Counsellors to be an independent travel consultant, personally helping individuals and businesses achieve their goals and efficiencies when travelling.

In a world of digitalisation, the human touch is often completely removed. It’s sometimes hard to talk to a person, it's all about chatbots, emails, forms, and the long queue of customer service calls. If you still like the human touch when you travel then I'm the person for you.

I am your Business Travel Expert and your Personal Travel Assistant. I am part of a global network and have on average 24 years of experience in the Travel Industry. I will create a bespoke solution for your business with processes, tools and profiles specific to you.

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Whatever your business needs I'm here to help you, so please get in touch with me and I can get things started:-

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